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K. Sakari Heikkila helps
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his unique online method
with consistent results.

Discover Your "UTP"

Unique Technique Practicing

Bypass Traditional
Learning Methods which
Only Slow You Down !

What Some of Sakari's Students Are Saying...

"Thanks For This Opportunity"

"I took your free mini-course
and immediately I could see
all my bad habits and limitations, but also how I could improve, and I did improve immediately. 
I was surprised at how something so simple could make such a difference." 

Matthew D.,  Australia

"Your Exercises Are Definitive"

"Sakari, you are right about your exercises being Definitive. Just the small amount of practice  I did from the first Lesson helped my Right Hand. Thank you."

Ed. T., Pennsylvania

"My Tone Has Moved Into Another Level"

"Thanks Sakari,  already my tone has moved  into another level. Your method should be standard for all us amateurs
as it improves technique beyond anything I have found. 

Steve H., London England

"Insights That Are Truly Amazing"

"Lesson 15 provides insights
that are truly amazing. 
For those who listen AND follow,   it is a real treasure.
It has been a very enlightening, delightful journey.
I often recommend it to others."

Thanks, Don R., Alabama


"The Proof Is In The Results"

"Dear Sakari , I have already acquired more finger speed and finger control on both hands in 9 months by following your directions to the letter  than I achieved in 9 years of practicing scales which produced only minimal
speed and no finger control.
Thank you. Gratefully, "

Frank E.


"Finally Some Truth About Real Technique"

"Hi Sakari, I just want to say
 that your course is AWESOME! 
Finally some truth about real technique. 
Thanks again and keep up the good work. "

Kevin P.,  Canada


"Every Step of the Way I Have Been Inspired"

"For whoever reads this don’t hesitate to do this course. 
Sakari returns e-mails quickly
and every message back to me
is in great detail.
When A Student Is Ready
A Master Appears"

Denny D.,  Omaha, Nebraska


"Your Lessons Have Revitalized
 My Guitar Playing"

"Dear Sakari, Your lessons have revitalized my guitar playing. 
Your lessons have accomplished very much motivation to work
again with the guitar. "

Andreas L., Germany,
Former Concert Artist


"Your Program Has Improved
My Playing 10 Fold "

"I am a self taught guitarist and have been playing on and off for about 20 years I think at the rate I am progressing
I can be concert ready in two years.
Once again thank you." 

Harold H.,  Georgia


"What I've Been Wanting To
Know For Decades"

"Your clarifications were what I've been wanting to know for decades.
I love it! "

Jim P.

  Absolutely Everyone That Wants to
          Play Classical Guitar Has  
         One ...Burning ...Question !
Dear Classical Guitar Lover,

What's the #1 question that every guitarist wants answered ?

 "How long will it take me to play the music of my
dreams ?"

From Failure to Success !

Well, years, "IF" you follow the traditional lesson path
of learning to play by playing music.

But the truth is, learning to play by playing music is
a sure way to overload your brain with a myriad of
skills that will cause nothing but unbelievable frustration
and slow progress.

It's like trying to learn to fly a plane and starting
out with a jumbo jet !

This is not how anything is accomplished.

At All !

Read on if you're serious about tripling your playing
ability AND cuting your practice time in half !

In 1979, after years of traditional lessons, learning to play by playing music, ( or trying to ) and enduring the drudgery of days and weeks of unproductive practice time spent on Scales, Etudes and countless pieces of music I made a revolutionary discovery:  You can skyrocket your technique without ever playing a single solitary printed note of music.  You can become the accomplished teacher instead of the struggling student.

How?  By leveraging the power of each individual finger and mastering the science of results-accountable skills.

I call it your "UTP" or Unique Technique Practicing.

"Unique Technique Practicing" was coined by me a few years ago after learning about unconventional communication systems, using only time, energy and imagination that are employed for goal achievement rather than the more traditional mass appeal methods and realizing that I have been existing in a parallel classical guitar universe for over 30 years.

Everyone has a very unique technique each with an individual set of problems to overcome and once you discover them, practicing becomes extremely productive and everything falls into place.

Most teachers try to teach you "Their UTP" and not help you find yours.

                   From Frustration to Elation !

The results were nothing less than astonishing.  I went from being an pretty OK player that only marginally saw improvements, even after obtaining a Music Performance Degree, to becoming a selected finalist in the Guitar '81 International Classical Guitar Competition in less than a year and a half.

I discovered how to take the 8 fingers required to play classical guitar and perfect their skills to pro-level status AND in less than half the daily practice time so I could spend more time learning my repertoire.

If you're practicing even the simplest piece of music  hoping to improve your playing ability, you're wasting your time.  If you're like 99% of all other students of classical guitar, taking lessons week after week after week and being told which pieces to practice for the next lesson along with which scales, you're not only wasting your time, you're also wasting your money simply because you aren't mastering the basic rudimentary skills of your
fingers individually before trying to master them  collectively.

A finely tuned practice routine first concentrates on only the very basic most individual finger movements with a deliberate focus on what the fingers are actually doing, determining the strengths and weaknesses of each one so that when you practice, you'll understand exactly why some things are easy to play and others aren't.

Does your classical guitar teacher call you on a Sunday evening during dinner time and ask how your right hand middle finger is coming along with minimal movement issues ?  Does that teacher then ask how your left hand little finger is progressing with fret placement problems and what you should do to correct them ?  I don't think so.

Most teachers don't want you to solve your technique issues because then you wouldn't need to take lessons and then they wouldn't have an income.

It is a system wide industry problem.  Teaching good, honest people to learn classical guitar by playing music right out of the gate.  The number of skill factors involved in playing even the simplest of pieces are so overwhelming, the brain simply overloads and shuts down.

What are you left with ?  The same desire to play music on the classical guitar and the sobering realization that lessons with a teacher must be the only way through the maze.

Not true !

Why ?

Because classical guitar teachers fall into two categories. 
The ones that know that technique must first be practiced alone before playing music but don't really know how to go about it and the ones that have practiced technique first before attempting to play music but don't have a teachable system to show their students how to solve their unique technical hurdles.

There is absolutely no difference in the student's eyes between the two because music is going on the music stand way too early in both instances and that's how it's been for decades, if not centuries.  Most guitarists just imitate their teachers and everyone gets dumber every year.

Meanwhile money flies out of your wallett and all you have is the dream and no reality to support it properly.  Months, perhaps years go by and you're really not any better as a player.

30 years ago, after experiencing all of the above, I locked myself in a practice room with just my guitar, footstool and a metronome and went on a mission to find   out "exactly" why my fingers were less than proficient and "exactly" how to get my fingers to work as
individual team members rather than the typical knotted up mess.

The system I developed way back when delivers powerful results for serious students of the classical guitar, in a measurable and predictable way.  After decades of using my techniques for my own benefit, I have been offering that system online for the last two years to anyone
who wants it and the results have been simply astounding !

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced players, it doesn't matter.  Finally, finetune your technique and start "really" playing your guitar for the first time without the frustration of slow progress.

Your playing ability can start radically changing for the better in only a few weeks, simply by learning my system.  I invite you to explore my website and end the drudgery of weeks and months of unproductive practice time spent on Scales and Etudes.  While there, please sign up for my
free 16 day mini course "Unique Technique Practicing For Every Classical Guitarist"  to learn more and get started the right way right away !



       K. Sakari Heikkila

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